The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has taken innovative measures to combat cybercrime. It has introduced Telecom analytics, a new portal that allows each Indian mobile subscriber to monitor the status of their active SIM card that is currently active on their ID. Customers will be able to review all mobile SIMs linked to their Aadhar card number through this portal. It assists in keeping an eye on various forms of fraud or spam. Customers can use this portal to verify whether or not a cell phone associated with their name is active. 

    To shield customers from a variety of fraudulent activities, DoT developed Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection. Subscribers can use this website to find out how many active mobile connections are associated with their names. This portal will appropriately respond to any fraudulent or spammy activity. However, the service provider CAF bears the majority of the responsibility for managing the Client Acquisition form.

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    All subscribers find the taf cop consumer portal to be very beneficial, as it allows them to effortlessly monitor active connections by simply logging in with any active mobile number that is linked to their Aadhar card, whether they are using a computer or phone. According to the most recent report, as of the time I wrote this article, the Telecom analytics had already received 19,43,887 requests, of which 10,57,450 had been resolved. This is an extremely high number.

    Through this Telecom, the advantages are shared by all. As per the report published in India Today, business people in Kolkata lost 72 lakh due to a SIM swap. Since the launch of the telecom portal, all SIM holders can access their records by logging in.


    Telecom analytics is a portal that the Department of Telecommunications has launched. Customers will be able to view all mobile SIMs linked to their Aadhar card number through the TAF COP Consumer. Customers can use this portal to verify whether or not the mobile number associated with their name is active. It is useful for keeping an eye on different types of fraud or spam.


    • If a customer has more than nine connections, they will receive an SMS reminder.
    • The Request Status and Ticket ID Reference Number are available.
    • You must log in with any connection’s phone number in order to check the status.


    Therefore, people can try this telecom , and you can prevent major scams and other risks.