Marcia Harvey, born Marcia Valencia Harvey, is known for being the first wife of popular comedian, actor, and television host Steve Harvey. When Steve had so far to become famous and successful, the couple married in 1980, but sadly their marriage broke down in 1994. Marcia played a significant role in the life and career of Steve Harvey as his first wife. The couple has three kids. Marcia has kept seeking after her pioneering dreams despite the breakdown of their marriage. She has had extraordinary progress in her career.

    Marcia Harvey is perceived as a fruitful finance manager today who has laid a good foundation for herself as a business visionary. She has, to a great extent, kept a position of safety since her separation from Steve. Yet, she has kept working in business and is respected for her ability, creativity, and persistence.

    Marcia Harvey Early Life and Career

    On January 22, 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio, Marcia Harvey was brought into the world by African American guardians. She started composing when she was 12 years old and composed early in life. Marcia Harvey’s enthusiasm for composing and business was imbued in her early life, regardless of the absence of data accessible about her family and early years.

    After finishing her examinations, Marcia set out on a lifelong path that considered her work to be a salesperson, a housewife, and finally, after her separation, a fruitful financial specialist running a dress organization. Eminently, she likewise composed, and subsequently, three volumes were distributed: “Marcia: Eyes to the Spirit,” “Marcia: Sonnets From The Heart,” and “Marcia: Contemplations From My Psyche.”

    Marcia Harvey Personal Life and Family

    Marcia sought lawful guidance after her separation and Steve Harvey’s inability to pay provisions and kid support. Her ex was requested by the court to pay $5,100 in month-to-month support as well as her legitimate bills after she won the case. However, after 14 months, Steve’s most memorable spouse documented a court proclamation charging she had not gotten a solitary penny from her ex. She was allowed $36,000 in past-due youngster support instalments sometime after that, and Steve’s regularly scheduled instalment was expanded to $6,630.

    After her divorce, Marcia Harvey faced many challenges. At one point, she was so broke that she had to borrow money from her mother to pay her rent and had no other option than to stay with a friend.

    Marcia plunged into her fashion business and later established herself as an entrepreneur. She owns a clothing company named Mahogany Brown LLC, where she is also the president and chief designer. The company is popular for providing formal wear for women looking for affordable designer garments. Her organization has extended its tasks from Dallas, Texas, where it was initially set up, to Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; and New York City.

    Marcia Harvey Marriage and Divorce

    Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey met at a companion’s wedding festivity and quickly hit it off. After tying the knot, they were blessed with identical twin girls, Karli and Brandi, in 1982. In 1991, Broderick, their third kid, was conceived. Sadly, as Steve got more committed to his profession as a jokester, which caused a great deal of strain between him and his significant other, their marriage began to separate.

    Later exposures regarding the separation cycle showed that Steve had been living with Mary Lee Harvey, his subsequent spouse, even before his separation from Marcia was legitimately concluded. Marcia was expecting their third youngster at the time their marriage broke out. They divorced in 1993 after their separation in 1990. Their split became legally binding in 1994.

    After the divorce, Marcia had to raise their children alone. The husband, Steve, left them behind to pursue his job. He was estranged from his children for many years, but they ultimately made amends, and their relationship has since grown.

    How Long Was Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey Live Together?

    The 14-year union between Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey ended in divorce. In the 1980s, the couple first connected at a wedding party for a friend they both knew. While Steve was still a struggling insurance salesman then, Marcia worked in a department shop. They started to feel attracted to one another before the celebration ended, and they soon started dating.

    It is difficult to pinpoint precisely when and how they began dating. Yet, they were positively ready to fashion a heartfelt bond that brought about their marriage the next year, 1981. Little had some significant awareness of their association at the time since not even one of them was notable. Steve chose to seek a vocation as a professional comic in media outlets in the early long stretches of their marriage.


    Marcia Harvey is a successful businesswoman who has carved a name for herself and achieved numerous career milestones. She is an author, and her long-standing relationship with Steve Harvey before their separation broke up might have inspired her to write. She has been able to provide for her children, which is important given that Steve left them behind after their divorce. With her business acumen and determination, Marcia Harvey seems well-poised for success. She should be expected to achieve greater heights in the future.