Rupeetub: Earn Money By Watching Videos Online

Rupeetub is a website offering online income opportunities by watching films and referring others. It is a Cost Per Referral (CPR) website. With an extensive collection of motion pictures spanning diverse classes, which include enjoyment, education, sports activities, and news, gives a road for individuals in search of making easy money online, especially in India.

What is Rupeetub?

RupeeTub is an official platform that lets you earn money by watching videos, completing surveys, advertisements, and referring friends. Users will also get a bonus amount of INR 250 at the time of joining.

RupeeTub Details

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How to Earn Money from Rupeetub?

There are two major ways by which you can earn money from Rupeetub and we have listed them below in details:

Watch Videos

  • The essential approach to earning cash on Rupeetub is looking at movies. Users can explore movies from numerous classes and business commercials, films, and TV suggestions. 
  • Users are rewarded with a sure quantity for every video view, typically some rupees. The exact profits in step with video may additionally range based totally on factors like video period and nice.

Refer Your Friends

  • Another road to earning cash on Rupeetub is thru referrals. Users can invite their buddies to enroll on the website by sharing their referral links. 
  • For each buddy that successfully joins Rupeetub , the person gets Rs 50 as a referral bonus, while the friend receives Rs 250 as a sign-up bonus. 
  • However, referring up to a hundred friends is restricted in keeping with the day.

Get paid

You can transfer cash to your Paytm, Phonepe, and PayPal account and have extra options as cash flows in.

How to Withdraw Money from Rupeetub?

We all like and desire to have our self earned money, so is with this platform. The money which you earn while using Rupee Tub goes into the platform’s account. And in order to withdraw money from this company or say platform, there should be a minimum balance of Rs. 5000. And the moment you have this amount in your account you can get the money through Amazon Pay, Phone Pay, and Google Pay. 

Things to keep in Mind Before Using Rupeetub

There are few things which users be cautious and should be aware of while using Rupeetub, and we have listed them here:

  • First and foremost check if the company’s website is working properly or not. In case you find anything doubtful do not connect with that company.
  • Search for the founder of the company.
  • Be sure of whether the company is registered or not.
  • Check the payment method of the company, join when you feel that you can withdraw the money easily.
  • Be sure of the products through which the company is paying you.
  • Search for the company source of the income.
  • Look for if the company claims are fulfillable or not. Don’t get lured for high promises. 

Advantages of Rupeetub

Rupeetuboffers several blessings that set it apart from other websites catering to online earners. These blessings are:

  • Free to Use: Rupeetub no longer requires registration or subscription fees, making it accessible to all customers without monetary boundaries.
  • Device Compatibility: The internet site is like-minded with various devices, permitting customers to access it from their preferred gadgets, including smartphones, pills, or computer systems.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It boasts a simple and intuitive interface, allowing easy navigation and a green search for films.
  • Extensive Video Collection: With its excellent and various video libraries, frequently updated with fresh content material, Rupeetub gives multiple viewing options to cater to distinct interests.
  • High-Quality Videos: This website guarantees that the films available on its platform are highly satisfactory, imparting customers a safe and steady viewing experience.

Is RupeeTub Real or fake?

There is no official statement about its existence that it is real or fake. There is no such case of exploiting any terms and conditions. Rupee Tub has not done anything wrong to anybody. Although it is advised to use these portals carefully so that your data security won’t get affected.


Rupeetub affords a thrilling possibility for people looking to earn cash online by means of looking at films and referring others. Its user-pleasant interface, various video series, and appealing functions have established itself as a dependable platform for online earners. If you are curious about exploring or gaining access to the website, you could go to rupeetub.Com. To delve deeper into the area of online incomes from this platform, you would possibly need to recollect these extra subjects like, How to Withdraw Money, Tips and Tricks to Maximize Earnings, Explore effective techniques to boost your profits and referrals at the platform.


Is Rupeetub available globally?

Yes, This platform is accessible globally, allowing users from diverse international locations to participate and earn money.

Can I watch motion pictures on Rupeetub without getting cash?

Absolutely! Even if you’re not interested in making a living, you may experience the extensive collection of films on Rupeetub for enjoyment.

How often are new motion pictures introduced to Rupeetub?

Rupeetub’s strives to update its video library frequently, ensuring that users have to get entry to fresh and engaging content.

Are there any restrictions on the types of films available on Rupeetub?

It offers videos across unique classes, such as enjoyment, schooling, sports, and news. However, it continues community guidelines to ensure a secure and high-quality personal experience.

Can I get entry to Rupeetub on my cellular tool?

Yes, This is optimized for mobile gadgets, permitting users to get the right of entry to and watch motion pictures on their smartphones or pills readily.

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