For millions worldwide, cricket is not just the game but the emotion. The same kind of love is seen during the matches. The same love people offer the cricket players. With the growth in technology, it is easy to watch cricket matches without leaving the couch. The Smartcric live Cricket platform is a popular name among cricket fans worldwide. People are getting really into this platform to watch live cricket matches. This article will teach us about the Smartcric Live cricket platform and its features. 

    Smartcric Live Cricket

    For fans, Cricket is not just a game but a spirit. But, sometimes, for various reasons, it is only possible to enjoy the cricket match in the stadium for some. The Smartcric provides live streaming services, news & updates of cricket matches across the globe. The best thing about Smartcric is that it is accessible on most smartphones, laptops, and computers.  

    Features of Smartcric


    Smartcric offers various features to cricket fans. These features make it the favorite platform for users to stream live cricket matches. The features are: 

    • Live Streaming: It is one of the best options for those users who cannot be present in the stadium or front of the television. It provides live updates about the match around the globe. Hence, it doesn’t matter where you live; you can watch your favorite cricket match anywhere. It makes the Smartcric platform one of the best platforms among other platforms. 
    • Latest News & Updates: Besides the live cricket matches, it provides the latest news and updates about the cricket world. The updates include the match schedules, player updates, and tournament announcement around the globe. It helps cricket fans to be up-to-date with the latest information about Cricket. 
    • Collection of Historic Moments: Cricket fans love to watch the historic moments of the cricket world. For that, the user has to visit multiple platforms. But Smartcric understands the desires of cricket fans. Hence, it offers the complete collection of Historic moments of Cricket. 

     Steps to watch a Live match on Smartcric

    Smartcric is a popular portal for watching live cricket matches. To watch the live match, follow the below-mentioned steps: 

    • Step 1: Visit the Website: First of all, a user needs to visit the official website of Smartcric and explore the homepage. 
    • Step 2: Choose the Streaming Match: Various options are available on the Smartcric for cricket fans to watch. Such as one day, t20 matches or other matches happen around the globe. Then, a user must choose a match to stream and click on it. 
    • Step 3: Wait for an advertisement: After the click, one advertisement will appear on the user’s screen. A user must wait and click the close ad button to complete the advertisement. It helps the portal to generate revenue. 
    • Step 4: Voila! Now, the cricket match will start streaming on the screen. 

    Benefits of Smartcric

    The Smartcric is one of the best platforms for cricket fans that offers various advantages such as: 

    • Live Cricket Matches: The platform allows its users to stream live cricket matches across the globe. It allows them to cheer on their favorite cricket player without being in the stadium. 
    • No Subscription Fee: The other platforms charge the subscription charges from the user to watch the live cricket matches. The Smartcric portal does not charge a single penny from its user. Anyone can watch the live Cricket match on the it without paying anything. It attracts millions of users on this portal to watch live cricket matches worldwide. 
    • High Definition Streaming: Smartcric is one of those platforms that offers the live streaming of cricket matches in high definition free of cost to cricket fans around the globe. The high-definition streaming helps the fans capture the match’s wow moment. 
    • Accessibility to Various Matches: The Smartcric lets users watch live cricket matches. It has multiple choices for a cricket fan. The matches available on this platform are 
    1. World cup matches
    2. One day matches
    3. T-20 Matches
    4. Women cricket matches

    Why choose Smartcric?

    Undoubtedly, plenty of platforms are available on the internet that allow users to livestream cricket matches. Then why choose Smartcric? Here are the vital reasons to choose Smartcric over other platforms: 

    • Complete Coverage: Unlike other platforms, Smartcric covers every match in the Cricket world. It allows the user to watch every match on a single platform without jumping from one platform to another or paying anything to anyone. 
    • Accurate Information: It understands the fan’s love of Cricket and related news & updates. Hence, whether it’s a news update, live scores, or a tournament announcement, it provides accurate information to its visitors. The information published on the Smartcric is highly reliable. 
    • Easy Navigate Platform: The Smartcric is developing so that a user can find all the news & updates with just a few clicks. Besides, the portal allows users to watch the live cricket match with just two clicks. It decreases the time the user wastes while finding the correct link to watch live cricket matches. 


    Cricket is super popular across the globe. Hence, match streaming platforms are also getting famous with it. One of the names going viral these days is the Smartcric live match streaming platform. It offers various features to cricket fans that are not found anywhere else. Watching the live cricket match on the Smartcric is just a piece of cake. By clicking two times on the screen, a user can start watching live matches from anywhere in the world.