To solve a linear equation means to find the variable present in a linear equation. A linear equation consists of an equation that contains variables whose power is not more than one. It is a combination of algebraic expressions with equals to (=) in it. It consists variable x and y making an linear line means straight.

    Sometimes, there might be two or more such variables then we have to solve the linear equation separately. 

    Let’s see what is linear equation

    This is an algebraic equation with variables that are raised to the power not more than one.

    A linear equation is a straight line graph. Such as one of the basic linear equations is x*x*x is equal to 2.

    The general form of linear equation is ax + by + c = 0 which is often as y = ax + b. 

    Let’s look at the solving of linear equation

    Generally, linear equations are solved by combining the terms and simplifying. Let’s look at the process now.

    • Solving by one variable – Equation with one variable, one degree and one variable term.
    • Solving by Substitution method – Equations are substituted in such a way that one value is substituted in the second equation.
    • Solving by Elimination method – In 4x ^ 2 – 5x – 12 = 0 equation you need to multiply ‘x’ variable term or ‘y’ variable term with the constant such that ‘x’ and ‘y’ variable terms cancel out.
    • Solving by Graphical method – In this method, boh the graphs are put in a graph sheet such that for a value you put that in another coordinate.
    • Solving by Cross-Multiplication – In this, the linear equations are solved by picking up the coefficients of all terms in a criss-cross manner.

    Do you know you can use linear equations in real life?

    Linear equations are used in everyday problems. Here are a few of them.

    • Used for calculation of speed, time, distance of any moving objects.
    • Geometrical problems can be solved.
    • Used for calculation of money and percentage related problems.
    • Used for work and time problems.
    • Used for age related problems.
    • Used for force and pressure of problems.

    At last

    Solving the Linear equation might some times tricky, but once you put enough efforts with regular practice, you can achive result much more easily. The above equation is an except, where you have apply different formula. But Taking into consideration you can understant pillars of maths. Linear, Quad and polymial are basic of math where you solve with heart and brain.

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